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How to submit a change of ownership

  1. Select Register or sign-in in the Ownership changes and tax/water certificates box.
  2. Select the New Request tab.
  3. Choose the Search type – property address or roll number.
  4. To search by property address, fill in the required fields:
    1. Street number
    2. Street name
    3. Unit or apartment number ( if applicable)
    4. Qualifier (if applicable)
    5. Click Search
    6. Select the correct address from the drop-down menu
  5. To search by roll number, enter the 19 digit number with or without the dots
  6. Click Search
  7. Select Yes, this is the correct property, then continue with Next step and go to 12
  8. If the address you entered is not found, you can select either
    1. Manually enter the property description and select Next Step
      1. Enter all correct information such as the street number, street name, roll number, a PIN, and the legal description
      2. Answer Yes or No – is this property related to a severance?
    2. Search for another property (will return you to the original search screen)
  9. Enter the required fields:
    1. Requester's first name
    2. Requester's last name
    3. Contact phone number (if different than phone number on record)
    4. Contact email address (if different than the firm email address on record)
    5. First name of lawyer last name of lawyer
    6. Your file or reference number
  10. Select Next step
  11. In the Request details field, select Change of ownership notification
  12. Check I certify that I am a lawyer licensed in Ontario or a legal assistant or clerk acting on behalf of a lawyer licensed in Ontario and I am acting on behalf of a client for this real estate transaction.
  13. Select Representation – Purchaser or Vendor
  14. Enter all mandatory fields
  15. Indicate if these apply:
    1. This request is due to a survivorship application
    2. A tenant is occupying this property and will remain after the sale
  16. Enter the date of closing in the field provided, using format of YYYY-MM-DD or by clicking in the white box
  17. Fill in Special Instructions if needed in field provided
  18. Select Next Step
  19. Verify information is correct
  20. Select Submit Request
  21. Save and/or print the confirmation page with the Request number