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How to request a water certificate

  1. Select Register or sign-in in the Ownership changes and tax/water certificate box.
  2. Select the New Request tab.
  3. Choose the Search type – property address or roll number
  4. To search by property address, fill in the required fields.
  • Select the correct address from the drop-down menu
  1. To search by roll number, enter the 19 digit number with or without the dots
  2. Click Search
  3. Select Yes, this is the correct property.
  4. Select Next step
  5. Enter the required fields.
  6. Select Next step
  7. Under Request details, select the box beside Water certificate
  8. You may enter more information in the Special Instructions
  9. Select Next step
  10. Verify the information entered is correct
  11. Select payment option:
    1. Deduct from prepaid account
      1. When you choose this option, the fee is deducted from the firm's prepaid account
      2. A Request number is provided as a confirmation
    2. Pay online and submit request
      1. You will be directed to the online checkout page, select Continue
      2. Once on the Paymentus site, complete all mandatory fields including credit card information. Select Continue.
      3. Confirm that all information is correct on the summary page. Select both the checkboxes at the bottom and click the Make Payment button.
      4. When payment has been confirmed, you can click Return to My ServiceOttawa button.