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How do I apply for pre-authorized debit (PAD) for property tax account?

To set up a Pre-Authorized Debit you must first

  1. Login into your My ServiceOttawa account.
  2. Select Property tax
  3. Select the View button on the account that you want to set up as Pre-Authorized Debit.
  4. Select the Manage Pre-Authorized Debit tab, and then select Register in a PAD Plan. You will see a screen displaying your Roll Number, Property Address, Primary Account Holder name, and Secondary Account Holder name.
  5. Select Payment options either option 1 “Monthly payment on the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd or option 2 Payment on “Tax Due Date”.
  6. Fill out the mandatory form fields: Transit number, Bank number, Account number, Name of financial institution and Name on chequing account.
  7. Select the box to agree to the displayed Terms of service and hit the Submit Request button. 

Note:  Applications can take 30 days to process. Applying for PAD does not guarantee it will be approved by Revenue.