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How do I apply for pre-authorized debit (PAD) for water and sewer account?

To set up a Pre-Authorized Debit you must first

  1. Log in to My ServiceOttawa
  2. Ensure that you have registered your water and sewer account inside My ServiceOttawa. 
  3. Select Services from the left menu then Water and sewer billing.
  4. Select the View button on the account that you want to set up as Pre-Authorized Debit
  5. Select the Manage Pre-Authorized Debit tab, and
  6. Confirm the correct water and sewer account was selected.
  7. Select Register in a PAD Plan.

    Note: You must pay your current bill and your next bill payment will automatically be withdrawn.
  8. Enter your banking information in the boxes provided. 

Note: boxes with an * are mandatory.Select the buttons beside  This application is made on behalf of:

  1. Read the Pre-authorized Debit plan (PAD) terms of service.
  2. Select the box to confirm that you have read the displayed Terms of service.
  3. Select the Submit Request button.
  4. A confirmation letter will be issued once PAD is set up on your water and sewer account.  You can also verify the PAD is set up through My ServiceOttawa.

 Note: Please note the account must have a $0.00 balance to enroll. A confirmation letter will be sent once the PAD is activated.