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How do I remove a water account from My ServiceOttawa?

  1. Log in to My ServiceOttawa.
  2. Select Services from the left menu then Water and sewer billing
  3. go to Services
  4. Select Water and sewer billing;
  5. Go to Unregister, beside account to be removed.  Select Yes, remove this account and then
  6. Select Confirm to remove the water and sewer account from My ServiceOttawa.

Note: This action will not cancel any pre-authorized debit plan (PAD) that you may be registered for. To cancel PAD, go to Manage Pre-authorized Debit and select Cancel PAD.

Can I close my water and sewer account through My ServiceOttawa?

If you are moving please contact revenue branch (613-580-2444) to schedule a final meter reading for your water and sewer account.  To schedule a final meter reading you will be asked for the purchaser name/s, the closing date and a forwarding address.  Once a final meter reading is taken a final bill will be issued. After final meter reading is taken then you can remove your water account. See How do I remove a water account from My ServiceOttawa above?

How secure is my personal information?

Personal information is collected under the authority of section 10(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. 2001, c.25.  Information collected for your My ServiceOttawa account will be used for the delivery of City of Ottawa services to which the account holder accesses.